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Anonymous Msg

Notice Regarding Anonymous Complaints: The Virginia Department of Health - Office of Emergency Medical Services cannot guarantee anonymity for complaints submitted anonymously. A copy of your complaint and any supporting documentation provided by you may be shared with the subject of the complaint (EMS Agency or Individual). Using this online complaint form may help preserve your anonymity.

If you wish to submit an anonymous complaint, do not include any information on the complaint form or supplemental documents that reveals your identity.

While the Office of EMS accepts anonymous complaints, our ability to evaluate and investigate complaints often depends on the level of detail provided in the initial complaint. When you file a complaint anonymously, the Office of EMS will not be able to follow up with you for more information. Therefore, please provide as much detail as you can in your complaint. Without sufficient detail, to include patient-specific information, dates of service, and other relevant information, the Office of EMS ability to investigate your concern(s) may be significantly limited.

Person Supplying Information